Ticketholders Watch Now

Soundcheck With SK!

Play the video below to make sure you can see and hear Stephen before the show starts!

How It Works

Each ticketholder will be emailed an access code a few days before the date of the show you purchased tickets to.

To access the livestream on the day of the show, simply do the following:

  • Check your email for your access code. If you don't receive it by the day before your show, please email [email protected] ASAP!
  • Come back to this website the day of the show and click the WATCH button above.
  • Codes will only work on the night of your original show.
  • We recommend arriving on this site 30 minutes prior to the show in order to test your audio and video by scrolling down the watch page after login and playing the "SOUNDCHECK WITH SK" video. If you can see it and hear it fine, you're all set! If you have any issues, please email us at [email protected]. We will be available to assist.
  • Once the show starts, enjoy! Feel free to use the chat to interact with other fans, submit requests before the start of the show, and enjoy the Experience Tour!

Meet & Greet Ticket Holders

If you have purchased meet and greet tickets, here's how it will work:

  • Check for a second email inviting you to a Meet and Greet via the ZOOM platform. If you didn not recieve the invite the day before your scheduled show, please email [email protected] ASAP!
  • Before the day of the show, please download the ZOOM app either on your computer by visiting this site or via your mobile device by visiting your app store. You will be asked to create a free ZOOM account.
  • If you'd like to do a test ZOOM meeting let us know - we will be happy to send an invite so you can join us on a ZOOM meeting the day before the show (SK won't be at that one, unfortunately)
  • After the livestream show is over, please click the link in the email to go to the private ZOOM meeting.
  • When SK arrives, he will share more stories, we will go around the room and answer your questions, and we will send you a link to a copy of the meet and greet video for you to enjoy!
  • As always, if you have any issues downloading ZOOM, creating the free account or accessing the meet and greet, please email us at [email protected]. We will be available to assist - it's important to us that this experience is as easy and fun as it can be!